Wastewater Treatment Systems
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Wastewater treatment is a process that removes contaminants from wastewater, so it can be returned to the water cycle or directly reused. If you operate a commercial or industrial business, a wastewater treatment system is necessary to ensure safety precautions and regulations are met. The correct system will help your facility avoid harming the environment and human health. Additionally, it can ensure your processes or products will not be affected by untreated water, especially if it is going to be reused.

What exactly is a wastewater treatment system?

A wastewater treatment system is made up of several components that address your specific treatment needs. This process is rarely static, meaning that you must choose the correct system to accommodate fluctuations in your business processes. A well-designed and chosen system should be able to handle variations in contamination and flow, variations in water chemistry, and potential water requirement changes.

What is included in a basic wastewater treatment system?

The exact components of a wastewater treatment system depend on the water characterization and the regulation requirements, but in general, a system typically includes:

• A clarifier that helps to settle suspended solids that are a result of treatment.

• A chemical feed to help break apart any metals and suspended solids that may have coagulated during treatment.

• Filtration to remove the leftover amounts of suspended solids. The level of filtration is dependent on the degree of solids that need to be removed to pass local discharge regulations.

• Final pH adjustment or any other post-treatment components necessary for your specific business.

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