When you’re working with commercial cleaning supplies, it’s important to know exactly which ingredients are in the products you’re using. This is especially important for janitors and other professionals who use cleaning products on a regular basis. If you have allergies or other sensitivities, certain ingredients could potentially be harmful to you.

At American Cleaning Systems, we believe in complete transparency with our customers. That’s why we have included the chemical compositions of our industrial de-greasers, oilfield degreasers, car wash supplies, and other commercial cleaning supplies. If you are curious about the chemicals included in our products, take a look! 

Click chemical name to download .PDF file

Hot Vat / Jet Spray
Sodium Hyperchlorite (Chlorine Bleach)
Hot Vat / Jet Spray NON- Ferrous
WHO hand rub “Sanitizer”
Max Quat “Quaternary disinfectant”
Angry Orange De-greaser
Mean Green De-greaser
F-15 Soap
Black Magic soap
Pre-Spray Detergent
D-Limonene Solvent
Wash & Wax
Super Crete X-wax
Rubber and vinyl protectant
Perma Shield
Jeff Cool
Hot Vat Stripper
F-20 Eliminator
Citric Aluminum brightener
Aluminum Brightener A.B.