Tip selection is very crucial in getting the job done. Below is an example of the various tip degrees and color coding to help you better make a selection.


0˚ (red)
For removing tough stains and dirt from concrete, cleaning in crevices, and washing second-story siding. But at closer distances, it can cause serious injury. We don’t recommend its use because higher-degree nozzles can get the job done without the unnecessary risk.

15˚ (yellow) 
For heavy-duty cleaning of concrete, such as outdoor walks and garage floors, plus stripping paint and grease from hard surfaces.

25˚ (green) 
For general cleaning of outdoor furniture, patios, walks, and decks.

40˚ (white) 
For more easily damaged surfaces, such as siding and stucco walls, and for cleaning vehicles.

Low-pressure (black) 
For cleaning agents only. Attaching this tip reduces pressure, which triggers the pressure washer to draw from the soap dispenser as well as the water supply.


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